Our Services

Specialists in Advocacy, Government and Public Affairs 

Core Values

Robert J. Miller Consulting places its core values at the peak of its corporate resume.  We do this to introduce new or prospective clients to our culture and to remind existing clients of our unfailing commitment to customer service, honest representation, professionalism, forthright communication and fair pricing.

Areas of Interest

While Miller Consulting does have a broad range of staple business and professional competency, we will only extend our reach into areas in which we can assure the application of specialization to better achieve desired results.  Through the numerous relationships we have firmly established with civic and business leaders in the United States and abroad, Miller Consulting is confident that our ability to enlist the most knowledgeable and effective resources on your behalf is unmatched.

Business Philosophy

The philosophy of Miller Consulting is consistent with the background of its principal: a business and political lifetime of dedicated service to organizations in which the employees and managers are fully integrated into the ethos of the corporation.

Relevant Experience

Miller Consulting is uniquely qualified to extend your company’s range into both foreign and domestic governments and private sectors as appropriate to the timely engagement of your specific needs.   We are equally adept within or outside U.S. borders.

Areas of specific proficiency include establishing business to business or public-private relationships;  global casino development and electronic gaming management (and the applicable laws and regulations governing it); mining; airline service development; economic revitalization through tourism; insurance regulatory structures; using synergy to effectuate corporate growth and market leadership; market identity and product specialization.

Through our Senior Adviser status with Dutko Worldwide

(a bi-partisan Washington, D.C. headquartered, multinational government affairs and strategic planning firm), Miller has unprecedented reach into a highly competitive domestic and international competency network.

Knowledge Management

Miller Consulting balances its values, interests, philosophy and experience to bring to its clients the knowledge necessary to achieve desired results on their behalf.  We endeavor to fully understand our client’s necessities and to address those requirements in a timely and effective manner.  This has always been our personal and corporate pledge, and it will remain so.